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Live Blackjack Bonuses

Bonuses are always a big attraction when it comes to online casinos and this certainly doesn’t change when you hit the live casino sites. Live casino games online are the closest thing you’re going to get at a real casino but with the added benefit or getting a bonus for playing.

We’ve compiled a list of the best live casino bonuses currently available along with wagering requirements and any relevant bonus codes you may need.

Casino Bonus Amount Claim It
888 Live Casino 100% up to $/£/€100 Play Now
Betfair Live Casino 200% up to $/£/€300 Play Now
Winner Live Casino $/£/€35 FREE after wagering £800 Play Now
Gala Live Casino 100% up to $/£/€400 Play Now
Ladbrokes Live Casino 100% up to $/£/€25 Play Now
SuperCasino 100% up to $/£/€200 Play Now
William Hill Live Casino $/£/€ 25 Play Now

It’s a rough old world out there with terms and conditions attached to every bonus so be sure to check them. As you can see from the above list, live casino game bonuses can differ significantly. And while some of these differences may not appear too important, they can make a massive difference. Below we explain what to look for in a good live casino bonus.

The Bonus Amount

The monetary figure here is obviously the maximum amount of bonus money that you can receive and is determined by how much you deposit. The percentage listed is how much of your deposit you will receive in bonus money. As you can see all the above bonuses are 100% bonuses which means what ever you deposit you’ll get back in bonus money.

For example, deposit $/£/€100 and you will receive $/£/€100 of bonus money giving you a total of $/£/€200 to start playing with.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the number of times you have to stake your bonus money before you can withdraw it. So, for a $/£/€25 bonus with 10x wagering requirements, you have to stake $/£/€250 before you can withdraw that money.

An important thing to make note of is how the wagering requirements are phrased. Some wagering requirements are listed as being multiplied by the bonus and deposit while others are just multiplied by the deposit. For example, 20x bonus and deposit is actually the same thing as 40x deposit.

The Best Wagering Requirements

Obviously you want the lowest wagering requirements possible and anything from 30x deposit or less can be considered very good.

Live Dealer Games Contribution

Unfortunately, it’s not always a level playing field in life and the same can be said of casino bonuses. Because, in addition to having to find the best wagering requirements, you also have to make sure that those requirements can be fulfilled by the games that you want to play.

So, using our earlier wagering requirements example, you have to stake $/£/€250 before you can withdraw your bonus. If, in the bonus terms and conditions, it says that roulette can contribute for 20% of wagering then $/£/€50 of your play can count to setting your bonus money free. If blackjack contributes for 10% then that can provide another $/£/€25.

The rest of the wagering requirements have to be made up from elsewhere with slots often proving to be the easiest and quickest way to fulfil them.