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About Us

Live Blackjack is your all-singing, all-dancing one-stop shop for live blackjack, incorporating information about the game, its rules, how to play online, and a whole catalogue of online casino previews and reviews to help you decide where to play.

How We Review Live Blackjack Sites

There’s only one way to review live blackjack sites, and that is to sign up, log on and play some live blackjack. We deposit real funds into real accounts, and play real live blackjack games under normal conditions at each of the sites we review – so we know exactly what you should expect if you log on and play a hand of your own.

In addition, we check for table limits and side bets, along with the specific rules in place regarding splits, doubles and so on, so that we can determine how basic and advanced blackjack strategies will affect your likely win percentage.

What to Look For

A good live blackjack site brings together several different features, from the rules in play, to the quality of the dealing. You’ll probably want to look for a site that gives you a pleasing overall visual – with a clear, crisp video stream that’s big enough to have a good effect on the feel of the game, but also enough area given to the CG part of the table where you’ll need to lay your bets, and so on.

Finding a dealer who you happen to really like is a bonus, but any site where the dealers are experienced professionals and the games run smoothly without delays should be good enough. In addition, check the rules – the opportunities to split, or double, and so on – and make sure they fit with blackjack as you know it, and as you play it, so you can make sure you are maximising your chances of a win.

Finally, the extra elements that come with online casino gaming, including the banking, customer support, promotions and bonuses, all add the final sparkle to an excellent site, helping you to find a home for your live blackjack sessions.

About the Game

Live blackjack is played to the same rules as casino blackjack, with the usual house variations. You will still receive two cards, and have the opportunity to hit or stand, with the winning hand being that which is closest to 21 without going over.

Differences you might want to look out for include a lower deck penetration percentage (the proportion of cards that are dealt before the next full shuffle) and greater use of burn cards (cards removed between hands to reduce predictability) than you might see in a land-based casino. Although there are these minor differences – which vary even among land-based casinos – live blackjack still delivers fast-paced fun and excitement, the enjoyment of real casino gaming, and a win percentage that’s much better than most other casino games, if you can master the perfect strategy.

Hands are completed relatively quickly, and it’s just you versus the dealer, however many players are at the table, making it a great introduction to live online casino gaming.

About Jackpot Gaming Ltd

Jackpot Gaming Ltd is a UK-based company with its head office in central London and a team with several decades of collective experience in the gaming industry. Given the relative recency of online gambling’s inception, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, and continue to add to it all the time.

While in our early days we focused on newcomers to online casino gaming, we now cater for all knowledge levels, with advanced strategy guides appearing alongside basic hints, tips and descriptions of the rules.

In particular – and unlike some other review sites – we hold active funded member accounts at all sites at the time that we review them, so that we can relate the member experience exactly as you could expect to encounter it.